Leafs thinking about state

Chris Steele
Neo Colter, right, led upperclassmen with a sixth-place finish; and William Plumley led the Leafs' sophomore squad as he finished 
runner-up at the Geneseo Invitational.

The Geneseo boys’ cross country team finished runner-up in the freshmen race and combined with the girls’ team to win the overall team title at Richmond Hill in Geneseo on Sept. 15.

With each class year racing as a separate team, the Geneseo boys’ four grade classes combined to finish third.

In the freshmen race, Justin Johnson won the individual title in 17:31.2, and Malakai Schaad ran down fifth place in 18:40.0.

The Leafs’ Isaac Kuster came in ninth place in 19:07.1, and Bode Neff finished 14th in 19:32.8.

Geneseo’s Max Sottos landed 23rd in 20:49.8, and Kyle Lievens finished in 25th place in 21:36.1.

The Leafs’ Simon Anderson came in 47th place in 25:54.9, and Jason Blick landed 49th in 26:08.

In the sophomore race, Geneseo’s William Plumley finished runner-up in 17:19.4, and the Leafs finished third in the team competition.

Plumley has been the top finisher from Geneseo to start the season, and he’s seen enough from the team this year to be thinking about a state berth.

“We just need to make sure everyone is trying as hard as they can and that nobody is slacking off or giving each other grief about times that are bad,” Plumley said. “We just need to keep persevering to achieve all of our goals.”

Geneseo’s Rafe Morrison came in ninth place in 18:22.5, and Lucas Nicke finished 15th in 19:03.1.

The Leafs’ Ricky Chavez ran down 24th in 20:06.3, and Tanner Burgett finished 36th in 23:08.5.

In the junior race, Geneseo’s Neo Colter led the way with a sixth-place finish in 18:00.7, and the Leafs finished fourth in the team race.

Geneseo’s Colby Rapps ran down 11th in 18:27.8, and Spencer Lindstrom finished 13th in 18:56.4.

The Leafs’ Ky Ariano came in 29th place in 21:06.5, and Will Sammons finished in 34th place in 22:07.0.

Geneseo’s Hayes Murphy landed in 37th place in 22:53.2, and Will McClevain finished in 38th place in 22:55.5.

The Leafs’ Jacob Jorgensen captured 45th place in 24:03.6.

With the Maple Leafs having a strong runner pacing each grade class, Geneseo’s Colter believes the team should have high expectation for this season.

“We haven’t made to state as a team in quite a while,” Colter said. “That’s been our main goal to take baby steps on the way to the championship season.”

In the senior class race, Geneseo’s Andrew Rizzo led the way with an 11th place finish in 18:19.4, and the Leafs finished fifth in the team standings.

Peter Rizzo came in 20th place in 19:32.6, and Nathan Carroll finished 27th in 20:14.3.

The Leafs’ Luke Sebastian landed in 36th place with a time of 21:17.4.