Green Machine shows potential

Piercen Trahan, GHS Student Writer
The varsity football team squares off against each other in the Green and White scrimmage Aug. 23.

The Green and White Varsity Scrimmage was played Aug. 23 and from what was shown, the Maple Leafs can do a lot this season.

With the first possession of the game going to the Green team, they ran a pass play to the right and continued with three straight runs.

With first and 10 and 7 minutes left in the first quarter, quarterback Luke Snyder ran for 13 yards for the first down. The Geneseo Whites then stopped the Greens while in field goal range and the Greens went up 3-0 after a 26-yard field goal by Kevin Wolak.

The Whites then took over and fumbled the ball on the third play of their drive, which lead to a touchdown return by Brandon Mizlo.

With the Greens up 10-0 and 3:30 left in the first quarter the Green defense got run over on four plays in a row then decided it was time to stop the Whites.

At the end of the first quarter, a pass on third and 8 was thrown high and dropped by the receiver. With fourth and 8, the Whites went for it and the Greens’ defensive line blocked the pass to force turnover on downs.

After a bad snap from the Greens’ center, a run through the middle stopped at the line of scrimmage, and after a bad block from the Greens’ offensive line, they were forced to punt.

With the Whites facing third-and-seven, quarterback Greg Rusk escaped the pocket and ran for the first down keeping their drive alive but after bad blocking they were forced to punt.

The Greens then got a fourth-down conversion and kept pushing up the field. The Whites stopped the Greens and then the Green defense replied by forcing a four-and-out. A bad pass by Snyder made it second-and-10 but a nice run from the Greens got the first down.

The Greens then pulled out a very well-designed run and got another first down. Snyder ran for 18 yards but a holding call brought it back to third-and-14.

The Greens and Whites traded possessions and halftime came with a score of 10-0 in favor of the Greens. The second half was where the real show started with Joey Medina zigzagging down the field for a 43-yard touchdown on a second-and-14 for the Whites to put the Whites’ first points on the board, 10-7.

Medina continued to run for a 10 yards or more every play, showing explosive speed and power.

With another fumble by the Whites, the Greens recovered and pushed with some great runs from Snyder. The Greens scored the last touchdown of the game on a 2-yard goal line run from fullback Josh King.

The coaches called it a game at the end of the third quarter with the Green winning 17-7.