Brucher takes reins of girls’ golf team

Amy Carton
Steve Brucher

Geneseo High School head baseball coach Steve Brucher is adding another sport to his coaching resume as he will be taking over as the head coach of the Lady Leaf golf team this fall.

“It was a combination of things. No. 1, I helped with boys’ golf for a year about four years ago and really enjoyed that experience and No. 2 is I missed coaching girls’ basketball and wanted to get back involved in coaching girls,” said Brucher. “So, two years ago when Judi Nash retired, I talked to Mr. (Travis) Mackey about the position, but the timing wasn’t right. Mr. Mackey talked about it again this summer and the timing was a little better this year. It all just came together.

“Also, as my children are getting older it is a little easier to be able to coach these teams. Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of my wife because the burden increases for her with getting the kids back and forth to practices.”

For Brucher, the timing of the golf and baseball seasons work out a little better and he will try to work with both sports. Brucher said he will rely on his assistant baseball coaches for help during the fall because he realizes the fall is golf season and the focus should be on golf.

As golf coach, Brucher said he is the first to admit he is not a swing coach or tour pro to help the girls rework their swings, but plans to help them in different aspects of the game, along with draw from his experiences of coaching girls’ basketball.

“As their coach, I want to help them with the mental approach to the game like not turning a bad shot into two,” said Brucher. “Also help with alignment and correct club selection. In a nine-hole match, shots are so much more magnified so I want to teach them to know when to be aggressive and when to play it safe.”

Brucher’s golf experience includes playing recreationally and helping former coach Dave Martin with the boys’ golf team for a year.

“The biggest thing I enjoy is golf is a lifelong sport that you can play your entire life,” said Brucher. “Golf is something that helps you in life because there are so many times now a days in our culture where workers go out and golf.”

A big plus for coach Brucher entering his first season as coach is he has the whole Lady Leaf squad from last season returning.

“Ashley Farrell, senior captain, I expect her to be the leader and fully expect she is going to do that because she has demonstrated that by going out and getting the girls to play,” he said. “Monica Lieving had an outstanding year as a freshman and flew under the radar so her challenge this year is she is known commodity so hopefully she can handle that and expand and grow as a player.

“We will need four girls after that to score for us, and we have a lot of options. A lot of the girls played quite a bit this summer and that will pay off in the fall.”

As for the program and where coach Brucher would like to see it go, he said when coaching any team coaches want their players to enjoy the experience and the season as a whole. Coaches also want to establish a program to have continued success.

“It is important they have a good time, enjoy being around each other and that they look forward to coming out to the course each day,” he said. “Also to have both individual and team success.

“I am looking forward to getting started, getting out on the course to see the girls play and what they can do. I expect it to be an easy transition and coach (Julie) Frels will still be here which will help out because she is a tremendous asset.”