John Deere Classic gives Murray new outlook

Chris Steele
Eryn Murray follows her approach shot during a round at Sugar Maple Golf Club.

Eryn Murray’s first time caddying the John Deere Classic Pro-Am gave her a few new ways to look at the game of golf.

“They are so calm while they are out there,” Murray said. “I get kind of frustrated. It’s something I want to learn how to do -- stay as calm as they do.”

Members of the Geneseo golf team caddied for the amateur players as they worked their way around the TPC Deere Run golf course, in Silvis, on July 12.

Murray was in a group with PGA golfer Tim Wilkinson, from New Zealand.

Wilkinson talked with Murray and her mother, Ami, and dad, Jon, who followed the group during the round.

Wilkinson gave the Murrays six club passes for the tournament, and she said they watched most of the second round at the JDC.

While caddying on a lengthy pro course can make for a long day, Murray enjoyed the unique view of being inside the ropes.

She rode on the back of the amateur players’ carts and cleaned clubs, tended the pins, raked sand traps and offered advice if she was asked.

She enjoyed the relaxed approach the group she caddied for brought to the course and said they played well with that low-stress atmosphere.

“It was a good experience,” Eryn said. “It made me have a different view on golf. It made me look at golf as not so competitive because it wasn’t a competitive round. This season, I’m thinking about going out and having a lot of fun.”

The Geneseo golf team members raised $500 for the golf boosters.

Geneseo golfers who helped caddy at the Pro-Am were Murray, Eleni Andrios, Jenna Cheek, Paige Laingen, Danny Ford, Sarah Sebastian, Chase VanKlaveren, Ean Lovett, Elizabeth Roodhouse, Will Pace and Hannah Mays.