A new Force in Geneseo fitness

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic
GirlForce is a new Jazzercise initiative which 
offers free dance fitness classes to young women 
between the ages of 16 and 21. Pictured are, Jazzercise instructor, Jenny Brieser, right, and Rachel Slaughter who are participants in the new program which begins in 2017.

Jazzercise Fitness Center has announced a new initiative for 2017 that supports the growth and development of young women by offering free classes to women ages 16-21.

The new program called GirlForce aims to empower young women by giving them an outlet to get fit, learn healthy habits and work out along with a group of their peers.

With a wide range of class times available, Jazzercise instructor Michelle Glazier said young women have no excuse not to give the new program a try.

“It seems like for so many girls in that age group there isn’t something for them to do for a fun workout if they are not on a team,” Glazier said. “I think the cost has always been an issue for girls that age. I’m really hoping it will make a difference so girls can see how good they can feel about themselves.”

The program will mix modern dance choreography with kickboxing and Pilates moves, all to the latest Top-40 hits.

With an emphasis on physical fitness, the program offers physical, emotional and mental health benefits which can help create a newfound confidence.

With a free pass to try Jazzercise for a full year, Glazier said that the young women who want to continue after the program ends will find discounts and affordable prices to accommodate their passion.

The Geneseo Jazzercise Fitness Center is located at 215 Smith Street in Geneseo, IL 61254.

For more information contact Michelle Glazier (309) 507-0502.