What are you thoughts on the new Hyundai Genesis V-6? I know in the past the Hyundai brand has had some issues.

QUESTION: What are you thoughts on the new Hyundai Genesis V-6? I know in the past the Hyundai brand has had some issues.

ANSWER: There is no question the Hyundai vehicles did have some problems years ago. With that said, the company worked hard on the quality problems and made improvements needed. In addition they also upped the warranty to a leading best. I spent a week in the Genesis V-6, and it was a great car in every way. The one item that owners would have to understand is that is a rear drive car and in snow conditions snow tires are recommended. The car feels like a much more expensive vehicle than it is. Quality control was a big factor in this and other Hyundai vehicles. The interior is plush and very comfortable, seat travel back and forth is ample for a short or tall person. The car sits four very comfortably; power and performance were above my expectations. Gone is all the harsh banging over bumps and the body shudder as well. If this is the car you are interested in, consider it a good buy.


QUESTION: I have a 2000 Monte Carlo with 1,00K-plus miles. Recently I had the 100K miles service performed, which included new plugs and wires, transaxle fluid and filter, air and fuel filters and coolant flush and refill. Immediately after this service I noticed a slight surging motion on normal acceleration. This doesn’t happen all the time but seems to be worse after driving 20 minutes or more. The technicians could find no fault codes on the diagnostic scan. What could be causing this? I have also changed the EGR valve, but it was no help.

ANSWER: A vehicle surge is related to a lean engine condition. Could be low fuel pressure, faulty fuel pressure regulator, lazy upstream oxygen sensor or even early EGR operation. Any of these can be a problem and not set a check engine light on. For testing purposes have the technician disconnect the EGR valve and go on a test drive. The next step would be a road test with the scan tool connected and monitor the engine system, and when the surging appears the technician will hit the record button. Then go back to the shop and read all the information, find the problem area and make the repair.


QUESTION: I am interested in two cars, one for my wife, a Fiat 500C Cabrio, and the other, a Ford Edge with the 2.0 liter Eco boost four-cylinder. Have you driven either car?

ANSWER: I have driven both a manual and automatic Fiat 500C Cabrio. The first was a manual transmission, the second was the automatic. I personally enjoyed the automatic over the manual. The Fiat drew attention everywhere I parked it. It’s quiet at highway speeds and has ample power at any speed. Fit and finish was excellent, the auto system has Bose speakers and a sub woofer under the passenger seat. Steering hub radio controls are at your fingertips on the back side of the steering wheel like found in Chrysler vehicles. The convertible top slides on a rail on either side of the metal car frame. Gas mileage: 27 city 32 highway. Our automatic test car was finished in light green and brown optional heated leather seats. The color combination is a throwback to the sixties and it looks great. The one item I found that I did not care for was the built in navigation unit attached to the top of the dash. I found it to be distracting and the screen too small. A portable GPS is a better deal.

Now to the new Ford Edge. Our test car was a front drive with the Eco boost four-cylinder. I always drive the car for a day before opening the hood. If I was a betting man I would have bet my test Edge had a large V/6, not a turbo charged four-cylinder. The edge is a roomy vehicle that offers multi uses. It does take some time to get used to the audio system. Once you get by the learning curve on the electronics, the system is your friend. The Edge shows quality in every way, including the color stitching on the leather heating seats. Both of your choices will be great vehicles.


Junior Damato writes regularly about cars. You can send questions to him care of the Old Colony Memorial, 182 Standish Ave., Plymouth, MA 02360.