Daily roundup for what's hot online right now with a great e-card for college grads, free app of the day and a video on a fire at Tyler Perry's studio.

Free app of the day: Dragon Go!

Created by the speech-recognition software company Nuance, this app helps find what you are looking for on the Internet just by speaking into your phone. Although Bing and Google apps already let you search by voice, this app stands out because it integrates with other apps and yields better results, says PCMag.com. If you don't have Siri because you don't have an iPhone 4S, PC Magazine says this is the next best thing.

LOL of the day: e-card for college grads 

Many colleges and universities are heading into finals week, and this e-card from SomeECards.com sums up what college grads have to look forward to in a "sadly accurate" way, says @someecards on Twitter. Check it out by clicking the link above, and then send it to your favorite grad.

Video: Fire damages Tyler Perry's studio

-- GateHouse News Service