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Word of the Day

Nudnik NOOD-nik (the "OO" is as in "good") (noun) A person who is a bore or nuisance -- www.merriam-webster.com

Web Site of the Day


This user-generated online community for plant lovers is a great tool for beginners and green thumbs alike. Customize your profile, then visit the plant profile pages to read about crucial plant info, ask questions, or contribute your knowledge.

Number to Know

45.5 million: The preliminary estimate of turkeys Minnesota expected to raise in 2009. The Gopher State was tops in turkey production, followed by North Carolina (37.5 million), Arkansas (28 million), Missouri (21 million), Virginia (16.4 million) and California (15 million). -- Census.gov

This Day in History

Nov. 24, 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald is fatally shot by Jack Ruby in the basement of Dallas police department headquarters. The shooting is broadcast live on television.

Today’s Featured Birthday

Basketball legend Oscar Robertson (71)

Daily Quote

“We give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” - Author unknown